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    "I'm your change agent. Psychotherapy is the vehicle." - Dr. Karmon Sears

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What Can We Learn from the Cleveland Shooter

Certainly, it is sad, horrific, and scary that we have come to an age where people commit acts of violence on social media. Even more disturbing is the higher incidence of mass killings and physical violence. Fortunately, Facebook had just put a policy in place necessitated by these heinous acts….

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Does Your Shrink Have a Therapy Dog?

Would you be more likely to attend therapy sessions with a therapy dog? I have one, but she does not come to work every day.  She works with me both at the office and when I visit nursing homes.  In nursing homes, touch and unconditional love is something that many…

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Be The Author of Your Own Life!

I’m excited to have my first podcast published on JenningsWire!   Please visit my article at http://bit.ly/2gWs84z  to get the link to the podcast. Come back and tell me what topics you would like me to focus on related to motivating you to live your best life and be well.  

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Managed Care. Who Knows You?

Some of you have heard the saying- It’s Who You Know that is important.  In terms of health and wellness, I believe Who Knows You is far more important.  Most diseases and ailments today are treatable and some reversible with early detection.  For example, early detection and proper diagnosis of…

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