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    "I'm your change agent. Psychotherapy is the vehicle." - Dr. Karmon Sears

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Presentation at the FPA Summer Convention on 07-24-14

Presentation at the FPA Summer Convention on 07-24-14

What is Anxiety?

anxiety attackEveryone feels anxious from time to time. Stressful situations such as meeting tight deadlines or important social obligations often make us nervous or fearful. Experiencing mild anxiety may help a person to become more alert and focused on facing challenging or threatening circumstances.


imagePsychotherapy helps people to live happier healthier more productive lives. As a psychologist, Dr. Sears applies research-based techniques to help you. There are several approaches to psychotherapy including cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, and psychodynamic among others.


Depression HurtsIt’s normal to feel down from time to time. However, if you have felt sad or blue for a period of time greater than two weeks or more, you are likely clinically depressed. Psychotherapy can help diagnose and treat depression.


In addition to being a psychotherapist, I also provide life coaching services. There are major differences between Psychtherapy and Coaching. Coaching focuses on your strengths and goals. As your Coach, I help you define your goals, decide what changes you wish to make, help you implement your action plan, and develop strategies to maintain the changes you have made. Coaching sessions may occur in person or via telephone or Skype.