Dealing with Fear and Stress during Corona

According to Abraham Hicks, fear is the button that turns off the receptive mode.  You cannot be in fear and be in a receiving mode for blessing and miracles.  You actually close down the realm of positive potential.  According to the scripture, we are not given a spirit of fear.  Fear comes from evil actors trying to turn off our connection to the power source. Instead, we are given a spirit of boldness and we have a direct line to God who creates everything.

How easy it is to deactivate us.  How easy it is to convince us that we are powerless, helpless, and ineffective.

Frank Herbert wrote in his book Dune that fear is the little mind killer.  One seed of fear is just as powerful as a grain of faith.  They are on opposite ends of the spectrum but still able to generate a powerful outcome.  I say this to you to help you understand how powerful your mind can be.  I say this so that you understand how powerful your emotions can be in affecting your ability to realize your dreams, goals, and hopes for the future.

Abraham Hicks says, “when you feel fear, turn towards something that is it’s opposite.”  The Apostle Pauls says, “meditate on whatever is true, kind, and pure.”  These are the things that change your mind and change your emotions so that you can be effective in determining your furture and present.

Allow me to give you an example.  I allowed myself to become overwhelmed with the fears that are playing over and over on the media these days both news media and social media.  I allow that to get in the way of a blessing that was given to me in the last month.  That fear too over and said that moving would not be a good thing.  That fear took over and said that disaster is coming and things wil never be better.  The fear took over and whispered all kinds of negative things.  It’s voice became louder and louder.  That is what fear will do.  It will use the fears that are present around you and dig up all of your hidden fears or your just below the surface fears to attack you.

Fortunately, I pray and meditate.  I pray and have my questions ready the night before so that I will have an answer the next day.  This afternoon, the answer came and I could see myself in this very near future that will bring me so much happiness.  I won’t.  However, fear almost won.

If I had not started focusing on more positive things and turning that message around, fear would have won.  If I had not silenced a lot of the noise that is designed to increase market shares and viewers, I would still be steeped in fear.  I would not see the blessings.

Similarly, you are to meditate on all of the good possibilities out there.  You are to meditate on all of the gratitude for today.  Meditate on all of the signs of wonder and creation in majesty in the world.  If you are Christian, you will meditate on the promises that God has for us.  We are to recall how he has worked those promises out in our own lives and in the lives of those we love.  That is how you turn around fear.  That is how you reconnect to God or your source.  Turn the power on! Let the Son shine in.  Good things will manifest from it.  You also have a pipeline to the plan for your life by doing that.  Don’t let fear cut you off and leave you powerless.

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