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Meet the Doctor! Karmon Sears

Dr. Sears is a licensed psychologist with a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work.  She has worked with clients from 7 to 99. She is the 2013 Recipient of the Psychologist of the Year Award from the Florida Psychological Association and the Past President of her local chapter of the Florida Psychological Association.

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Challenge Your Thoughts
Challenge Your Thoughts

Challenge your thoughts. All of them aren’t accurate or based on facts. Some are based on fear and assumptions. Sometimes your brain is telling lies and twisting reality. Talk to

Dealing with Fear and Stress during Corona
Dealing with Fear and Stress during Corona

According to Abraham Hicks, fear is the button that turns off the receptive mode.  You cannot be in fear and be in a receiving mode for blessing and miracles.  You

Tips to Manage Emotional Distress from COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted standard operations for many people.  Consequently, people have COVID-19 distress. Some of the most common complaints are: Losing track of the time, day, or date Feeling out