Dr. Karmon Is Still Here To Support You Through Covid 19

I am speaking to you about the current state of my practice. I am still practicing as a contractor at Bradenton Counseling Center. Our practice is still open for business. We closed at the physical location due to social distancing related to COVID-19. All of your sessions will now be available on Doxy.me. You will still keep the same scheduled times. You will sign on to the doxy me address which is https://doxy.me/drkarmon

Once you are in the waiting room, you will sign on with your name. I will be notified that you are there and will start the session. I recommend you sign on 10-15 minutes early to be sure that there are no issues with your internet service or camera. If you want to check your equipment, there is a button on the lower left side of the screen that says pre-call check. You will need a functional web cam or camera phone. Chrome or Firefox are the recommended webbrowsers from which to use this platform.