Build Your Confidence with a Success List

You gain confidence by building on successes. Often times we discount small victories and accomplishments. You do yourself a disservice.

Celebrate every victory and every step towards your ultimate goal. This is how you build self-confidence by counting all the steps. When there are setbacks or obstacles on your path to victory, a success list makes it easier to keep moving forward toward your goal .

Think back to the last success that you had.

How did it feel? Were you completely sure at the time that you were making that step or were you nervous? Did you do everything you needed to do to prepare to take that next up? How did it feel when you when you completed the objective & succeeded?

Recently, Sandy Krakowski was telling a story about a very well-known speaker who feels like vomiting every time she is about to make a public appearance. I am familiar with that feeling. Like that speaker, I wouldn’t have it any other way because I know that once I get started, I’m going to enjoy the experience and I’m going to do well. How do I know that? Because I have a long line of successes. Reviewing your success list at times when you need a confidence boost is one of the few times when looking back can be beneficial.

I’ve built up several smaller successes so that now I’m confident when I have to speak in front of others. That doesn’t mean that I don’t get butterflies. Nor does it mean that I don’t get nervous when creating a presentation. Yet I know that I know that I have the skills to do what is asked of me. If I forget, I have a success list to remind me.

Create your own success list. No accomplishment is too small. Are you trying to learn to walk again after a medical illness?

Your list may look like this

1) Stood up in the parallel bars for 5 minutes w/o help two months ago

2) Stood up in the parallel bars for 15 minutes _____ weeks ago

3) Took three steps with assistance _____ days ago

4) Took ____ steps with a walker ___ days ago

And so on. Do Not Beat yourself up because you used to run a 5K in 15 minutes or less. You are not in competition with the person you were before and the new goal is walking. Once that is attained, you may focus on a new goal that may include jogging or it may not. When you are having a rough day, you can review your successes and say “oh, well, I’m still getting closer to my goal. I Can do this. Look what I’ve already done, how far I’ve come.” You will gain confidence in your ability to reach your goals.

Success lists work the same way for everyone – students, business people, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, models all, etc.

Break down your ultimate goal into manageable steps

Break down your ultimate goal into manageable steps of activities otherwise known as short term goals. These will be your mile markers for future successes on your success list. You may ask yourself “What do I need to do to get a promotion? To get a college scholarship? To become a model or writer? The answers will determine your short term goals and future success markers.

Go ahead, build your confidence! I dare you.

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