Spring is here! This is a time of new beginnings and getting rid of old, unhealthy, or needless things.


Is your home or mind full of unnecessary clutter?

Is your home or mind full of unnecessary clutter? Are you holding on to things you should let go? It is time to take an inventory.Maybe you don’t know which are unnecessary or needless.

Are you keeping papers that you no longer need? Some of you may have back copies of old magazines that you have not looked that in years. Others may have old copies of bills that you’ve already paid months or years ago. Perhaps, you could consolidate those into one file on your computer rather than keeping hardcopies.

Maybe you have clothes in your closet that you haven’t been able to fit in years or have long since gone out of style. Are you keeping multiples of certain items? Unless you’re using more than one crockpot at a time hombre to catering company, you probably only need one.

Speaking of items that are not being used, take a look at many items in your kitchen or in your closet or in your office. If those items are gathering dust and you have not used them in 1 to 2 years, it is likely that you do not need them. Make a pile of things that are to throw away or to donate. You may even find some items that you can resell to make some extra spending money.

Is clutter preventing you from forming new healthy relationships and enjoying life?

Now, let’s take a mental inventory. Are you holding onto past hurts? Some people hold onto past hurts as an effort to defend against future hurts. Unfortunately, this often has the effect of preventing you from forming new healthy relationships and enjoying life. What would you do differently to prevent them re-occurring? What was it about the situation, the environment, or yourself that made that resulted in that failure? Be honest.

You will discover that you are way beyond that failure. You will see that you are the only one holding it over your head. If the thing that is holding you back is past trauma, this may not be easily resolved without help. Seek a licensed psychologist to help you navigate through that past trauma and resolve it so that it does not continue to negatively impact your life today.

Maybe you’re one of those individuals who cannot let go of past success.
Maybe you’ve told yourself you’ll never be as successful as X achievement. Well, I guarantee that you will not if you do not start to focus on new goals and how to attain them. Be proud of your past successes and use that to propel you to future ones. It is acceptable to arrange those awards or personal successes and organize fashion for you to see and remember, especially during times when you hit barriers or roadblocks.

You can begin to make room for new experiences.

Now that you’ve taken inventory, collected all of the needless things, and organized yourself; you can begin to make room for new experiences. You’ll have better access to the things you really need to succeed and be productive. You have also gotten rid of anything that would hold you back or hinder your new growth. Make the most of your fresh start!

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