What would you do if you had a fresh start? Yesterday, many Christians celebrated Easter. Easter is all about having a fresh start. Someone paid a price to wipe your slate clean and afforded you the chance to live a more abundant, happy life. What a gift! That is the way the church pastor presented it this weekend.

So what would you do with such a gift? Would you squander it? Would you put it deep in your closet and forget about it? Would you exchange it for something much less valuable, but more shiny and trendy? Maybe you would be careless with it and allow someone to steal it from you. I hope not.


Each day is a fresh start.


A chance to make better choices than the day(s) before. The first day of the week is another fresh start, a chance to set new intentions and leave old ones behind. Your fresh start could be spiritual, financial, emotional, physical, or intellectual. It does not matter. It is about the changes that you need to make to become a better You. If the slate is clean, you can choose not to behave like you hate yourself, like you are a failure, like you are undeserving, like you are unsuccessful. Whatever was on the old slate has been erased. You can write whatever you wish on your new, blank slate. Then, choose to act accordingly. Act like you are successful, worthy, and love yourself. Decide now how this week will unfold & what you are going to accomplish. Decide what your intentions are for this day. What is important to you today? What will you accomplish today?

What will you do today to become more like this new, improved version of you?

Will every day be noteworthy or news wothy? No. It is not about that.
Instead, it is about all the small decisions, acts, and goals. Each leads to the big goal or long term goal. Being a better you, means that you are more available to give to others and enrich their lives. In turn, that generosity is returned to you. We are all connected. Therefore, being open to the opportunities of generosity, means you are also open to receiving the same in your life. A fresh start means living your life on purpose, making each breath count.

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