Self Care for Caregivers

You deserve to be pampered. This past weekend I enjoyed some long overdue pampering. It was 12 months overdue  in terms of a facial that included a massage. The mani-pedi was also long overdue since I was being frugal with my financial  and time resources.

Female caregivers are notorious for placing their own care at the end of the list of things to do

Many caregivers find themselves in similar positions. Female caregivers are notorious for placing their own care at the end of the list of things to do, if at all. Some if you are thinking, “It is all I can do take care if the kids, stop and check on my folks, and take care of the house!” Some of you have your hands full with a full time home and parenting on your own. Others are so accustomed to doing it all without help & with little social support that you don’t know how to take a time out or allow someone to take care of you.

Scheduling pampering at regular intervals yields big returns

on investment for caregivers on emotional, physical, social, and professional levels if you are still in the work force.

Recently, I carved out some much needed pampering time. The practitioner assumed the responsibility for MY needs, my well being. She took care of me instead of my being constantly responsible for other’s emotions & well being. I enjoyed a forced period of irresponsibility & selfish care. It felt so good to have someone massaged my feet since I so a lot of standing and walking. It was amazing and mind numbing to have someone massage my hands, arms, & neck. To have someone find and dissolve muscular knots was a reminder to take action sooner. The smells of lavender & lemongrass coming from the natural facial products and massage lotions transported me to a happier, calmer, more peaceful & creative state. I walked out of the treatment feeling much lighter than when I entered, more hopeful & more open to solutions.

You cannot pour into the lives of your lived ones or clients if you are empty.

Having these regular pampering sessions or engaging in spiritually fulfilling activities or other relaxing activities help you to refresh, refill, and recover from the stress of caregiving.

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