Never Say Diet!

Words reflect your attitude. When most people say DIET, their attitude is that it will be a quick, drastic, and brief change to their nutritional intake. They expect it to yield dramatic results in that short amount of time. Therefore, they are willing to subject themselves to various, sometimes unhealthy eating behaviors. The water diet, the cabbage soup diet, no white food diet, no or low carb diet, and many more. Not to mention the various pills, wraps, and shots taken so some of you can convince yourselves that your current eating behaviors do not need to be improved or corrcted.

Yes, many of these diets work in the short term. Unfortunately, the majority of them are unsustainable and result in yo-yo dieting that is so common in American culture. As soon as you stop drastically restricting your intake, you regain the weight. Then, you start another drastic diet. In the process, you throw your metabolism into a tailspin and risk serious metabolic consequences. In addition, depending on your diet, you may be malnourished or vitamin deficient. Some vitamin deficiencies can be dangerous to your physical and cognitive function (e.g., vitamin B deficiency).

Instead, I encourage you to consider making longterm Lifestyle changes and improvements in your eating behaviors. You can eat healthy and still have some treats in moderation. If junk comprises 75% or more of your nutrition, then you are not taking good care of the your body. This is the only body you have and it has to last 9 decades. If you begin early to engage in regular exercise (30 minutes at least five times a week) and eating well balanced meals, then you should be able to fully enjoy your golden years!

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