Review of a New Meditation App by Deepak Chopra

Is your life becoming too hectic? Going too fast & feeling like you cannot catch up to yourself? Meditating 15-20 minutes a day is a proven remedy to those problems, as well as improving your physical health. You don’t have to be a Tibetan Monk or world famous Yogi to benefit from it either. In fact, the simple act of refocusing on your breath, music, or a simple mantra instead of your daily worries for 15-20 minutes, can reduce your blood pressure, decrease pain experienced from migraines or other physical injuries, and improve healing.

You can have someone like myself teach you these simple techniques in a group or individually. You can also purchase meditation CDs & DVDs that are quite effective. One of my favorite sources is and now, I have discovered a new app by Deepak Chopra called Anansa which is available in the iTunes App Store. This app allows you to just listen to the relaxing music and do your own meditation exercise, listen to the guided meditation exercises only, or combine the two. You can also set it for how long you wish to meditate. Yes, there is an option for 20 minutes! The app is visually appealing. You can choose to purchase all the available meditations in one bundle or singly. Some of the meditations are guided by Deepak Chopra and others by different male or female guides. You can sample them to get an idea of how they sound. They cover many of the basics such as love, accepting change, tapping into your true self, and accessing the source of all. Best of all, it is portable so that wherever you are, you can take a mini vacation or a stress break! Try it.

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