Whispering Voiced“These are the voices, these are the lies and I have believed them, for the very last time”-Matthew West sings in Hello, My Name

In the song, Matthew West talks about different kinds of voices. He talks about the voice of regret & the voice of defeat. These voices whisper lies such as you’ll never amount to anything, or you’ll never be able to overcome the mistake you made, you are worthy, or you will never be anybody important. All lies repeatedly whispered in your ear and in your mind. You can listen to those voices which are wrong or you can rely on who you are deep down inside. Dr. Sears you might say I don’t know who I am. You might also say that you think the voices are right. Then, we will sit and talk about whether or not those assumptions are true. We will also explore ways to counteract those voices in your head. Most often, this negative way of thinking and allowing these voices to go unchecked have caused you anxiety and depression. You don’t have to stay in those emotional states. You can learn to define who you are for yourself and be proud of who you are. So again, do not listen to those voices. Tell them to shut up. Talk to yourself on more affirming & positive way.

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