Spiritual Umbrella For Life’s Storms

“Worry and fear will rob you of faith and prevent you from moving forward. But when you trust God you will have a firm belief in His reliability and a confident expectation that He will carry you through anything that confronts….No one escapes challenges and trials; the difference is in how you face them. Take James’s advice and consider these ‘a gift’, then you’ll approach any hardship from a position of strength and come through with increased confidence…”–Brian Houston, Hillsong

I begin every day with a devotional.  It is time spent meditating on spiritual teachings, scripture, or in the act of prayerful meditation. Mr. Houston advises that it is important to engage in this activity. Feeding your spiritual self helps you to face challenges as Brian Houston stated above. It gives you a better, healthier perspective to contemplate the challenges you face. Research bears this out. We are less anxious, Stressed, or depressed when we nurture our spiritualality. We are hardwired that way. Mr. Houston suggest that we should use scripture to combat our negative thoughts. Affirmations are part of what I recommend to my clients as well. Just so happens that scripture or religious teachings often have within them positive affirmations to combat Emotional

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